Community Flags being misused to stifle discussion within API3 governance process?

Is this the original intent of the flagging feature? I would like to open up the discussion surrounding community flags on this forum. It appears they are being used to stifle discussion surrounding proposals. This behaviour is greatly concerning.

The link to the proposal: [Secondary Proposal] API3 Ecosystem Proposal Cycle 4 - Jun-Aug 2023 - #16 by kurthagel

I assume it was flagged for alleging some form of widespread corruption (?), try editing it to make your point using specific criticisms of the proposal without baseless accusations against individuals or proposal teams that are free to make whatever proposals they would like and are doing so publicly.

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This is a good point @Erich. I would like to point out that not one but two posts, the second, which had nothing to do with the previous discussion but instead to discuss community with @chrissu_k was also flagged immediately after. Would discussing community methodology with a new DAO member also be considered spam? What is the likelihood of two posts being marked as spam, twice? The chances are pretty low correct?

That second post has been restored, perhaps it was a mistake.

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Sure seems like a lot of mistakes taking place one after the other when it comes to the valid discussion of DAO funds being potentially mismanaged by a DAO subteam. Will wait for others to chime in before carrying forward.