dAPIs: APIs for dApps

Posted a new article that explains dAPIs and how they relate to Beacons


Great article @bbenligiray! I have one question to clarify. It says

Furthermore, a dAPI is not necessarily a live data feed, but rather represents an even more general kind of an oracle service.

As far as I can tell a dAPI is necessarily a live data feed. It’s a smart contract that takes one or more Beacons (live data feeds) as inputs and provides a data feed output. It might just pass through the feed from one Beacon. It might aggregate feeds from multiple Beacons. But I don’t understand how it’s “not necessarily a live data feed”. What am I missing? Is there an example of a dAPI that isn’t a live data feed?

There is not at the moment. But until recently there wasn’t an example of a dAPI that’s a live data feed either, and I think it’s safe to assume that at some point we will build other oracle services that embody all dAPI properties yet are not live data feeds.

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