Delegate Pitch - David from University at Albany Cryptocurrency Club

Hey Everybody,

I officially propose myself and my club as a delegator for API3 governance. Our club was founded in 2018 in an attempt to educate the students, faculty, and staff at the University at Albany on the overall industry and where we are headed. Since then we have been working with BlockVenture and Blockchain Education Network (BEN) to connect with different projects and work on governance. Tyler Wellener and Ariel Sanchez from BlockVenture were pivotal in bringing API3 to our attention and helping on board us as delegates.

Our students are big proponents of decentralization and information transparency which is why we want to delegate for API3. Its incredibly important that we have accurate and timely oracle data as an industry. We have a number of students interested in solving the industry wide oracle problem of efficiently pulling trusted information.

As time goes on we hope to become more involved in all aspects of API3 and contribute to the project and community the best we can.

Here is our clubs ETH address- 0xE525D26767E3244347bCeFf7dD1EC7982727B8d5

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Hi and welcome! Appreciate the interest and the pitch, and please feel free to join the discussion in the discord as well. It looks like the ETH address you’ve provided is empty/inactive (etherscan link) so I wanted to check and make sure it’s correct. If you all are involved in/solicit delegation from other projects as well, might be good practice to fill out a disclosure like this form - I’d be happy to help.

Looking forward to hearing more from University at Albany’s crypto club!

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Hi @UACryptoClub! Building off of what @Erich said - it may also be worthwhile registering a .eth name for your address. The enormous cloud dashboard shows these in the voting history log, see here for an example.

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Hi Erich,

our ETH address was created recently and doesn’t have any activity yet. I will look into filling out that disclosure form.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to our pitch!

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Hi dcroote,

I will look into registering a .eth name. Thank you for that helpful tip!

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BlockVenture is pleased to recommend Luciano and his Crypto Club at University at Albany. We have been working with Luciano in various industry initiatives since 2019 and his Crypto Club members have been motivated participants in our industry projects. We are confident in their governance team to make a positive impact in API3’s DAO.


@UACryptoClub would you be able to share some insight into what kinds of initiatives you would tend to vote for/against as a delegate?

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Hey Ryan! Do you have an example of an initiative that comes to mind?

The best examples are what’s already in #governance-meta and #proposals-official . Asking for delegation is political campaigning. Stakers want to know delegates’ positions on existing issues so they can infer how you’ll vote on future issues. Participating in those discussions and sharing your point of view will help.

In another delegation pitch the delegate wrote “…votes according to these main principles…” which is another good way to communicate how stakers can expect your club to vote.

It’s totally up to you. Just throwing out some ideas on how to get noticed and build trust.


Our ENS is uacryptoclub.eth (0xE525D26767E3244347bCeFf7dD1EC7982727B8d5)

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