Delegate Pitch - Midhav

Hey all, I’m putting this up out there as I intend to be a delegate in the DAO.
Some background about me for those who aren’t aware:

I’ve been involved with API3 since before its inception. I’ve mainly taken up the role of community management but I’ve also been involved with marketing as a whole, business development, early investor stuff, and hiring. With regards to community management, I’d been involved in the setting up and cycling of different teams in charge of it - starting off with the founders who were moderating the Telegram in the initial stages, to the team of stewards that moderated the same for the remaining period while I handled Discord and Reddit, to finally, the current full time team of community managers that was distilled out of this, which handles every social channel of ours. Ofc I have also been directly involved with this (being the most active on the tg) as you’re prob aware
Re: biz dev - been handling the majority of inbound dApps and passing them over to Dave to sort out after the initial calls. I’ve also ended up taking up a hiring role by sending in a lot of the connections I’d built over the years I’ve spent in this space to not just the CM team, but nearly every team aside from Burak’s at this point.

As such, I have the unique perspective of being at the convergence of all these different groups of people that comprise and interact with the DAO, which also provides me visibility on what’s happening across the board, that most people aren’t aware of. It also allows me to intervene if I’ve found that there seems to be an inefficiency or miscommunication between different verticals, especially since this sort of information cannot quite be presented to the public due to the manner with which the DAO is structured.
As a testament to these points, I have managed to secure the backing of other team members whose views generally align with my own, and they will be delegating to me soon after this post goes live.

I would obviously act in the best interest of the organization because of this, ensuring that there are checks in place before different proposals are enacted. One of the reasons behind any team member putting themselves out as a delegate is to showcase the level of support that those in alignment with them have for them, as even among the internal team, there tends to be a fair amount of disagreement as to the direction to be taken on various things - which illustrates that the 30% token share that comprises the founding team is not one monolithic entity that agrees on all decisions, as others have mentioned before.

However, even though I have stated that my intent is to act independently, there is no guarantee to an outsider beyond the reputation that I’ve established that I’m bound to do so, and so I’d recommend that they instead seek out either VCs or notable community members to delegate to, if they’re looking beyond team members for the reason I’ve just stated. (I should add that I’d personally place university groups at a lower ranking than any of the other groups due to the relative opaqueness around them)
But yes, if you’re looking to put your vote behind a more public-facing team member who does not have the highest of voting power, I’d ask that you pick me - my voting address is midhav.eth.


Thanks for the elaborate post but i think there is only a very small number of visitors in the forum and governance voting.

I’m aware and that’s aight - just thought i’d lay it all out there anyway for anyone interested and also for posterity

I think this may be my first or one of my first posts on the forum.
I am one of the above-mentioned hires that Midhav brought in. I’ve only been with API3 since the beginning of June 2021, but I’ve known Midhav for four years now, the majority of my time in crypto, and briefly worked closely with him on a short-lived startup company in 2017-2018. During my time in crypto, I’ve only made wallet transactions with two people, one of which being Midhav. We have each held funds for each other, for pooling into a sale or timing a manual trade for timezone convenience. I’ve never had any issues when it comes to trusting that Midhav will stand by his word in matters of importance.
Thus, I plan to delegate my staked API3 tokens to Midhav without any doubts that he will vote thoughtfully and for the greater good of the DAO.



Same as above^
I’m not a team member or anything, but I’ve known about API3 ever since the beginning, mainly due to Midhav and his general interest in the Oracle space.
I’ve known Midhav for quite a while (4 years!). He was the one who introduced me to chainlink, then linkpool and honeycomb, and then finally API3. We’ve shared ideas, whitelists, allocations, investments and we’ve worked together on a couple of things too. If there’s one person I trust in the crypto space, it’s him. I’ve always found him to be ‘trustworthy’ (even though he has a crazy sense of humor), and I know it’s ironic to have to bring trust back into the picture as we all seem to be discussing ‘the trustless future’. However, at the end of the day, delegation is about trusting your votes with someone else, and for me personally, I couldn’t recommend anyone more.
I expect Midhav to be thoughtful with his votes (Not cuz he’s an INTP), so whenever I’m not actively involved with governance myself, I’ll be delegating my votes to him.


Great to see all the compliments about Midhav. Hopefully the community grows and there is more need for his involvement on the community engagement side.

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Same goes for me - 4 years now that I’ve known him, from pretty much my first week in crypto.
An honest and reliable guy, and always trusted.

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