Delegate Pitch - Oregon Blockchain Group

Hello Everybody,

The Oregon Blockchain Group (OBG) at the University of Oregon would love to participate in API3’s governance through DAO delegations!

The OBG was established in 2018 and now consists of 28 analysts and five officers. Our mission is to provide a wide, collaborative platform to empower a new generation of student innovators in the pacific-northwest through blockchain-centered education. We seek to connect our members with industry professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills within various blockchain applications.

Among various other exciting projects and endeavors, the OBG is currently working on:

Setting up DAO-backed Crypto Fund where group analysts will pitch Defi assets to the group during weekly meetings. Following a Q&A session, group members will vote on an investment action through our DAO (buy/sell/hold) and such action will be executed.

Planning our second “Outside the Block” educational summit to bring a wide range of unique industry perspectives together with students in a dynamic event, highlighting the future of the budding blockchain ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest.

Facilitating our second annual Mock Crypto Trading Competition where we team up to host a mock cryptocurrency trading competition for 100+ UO students. Competitors start with a mock $50,000 portfolio and compete to incur the most returns by trading cryptocurrencies over a 3 week period.

If selected for delegations, the OBG plans to vote according to the following values:

Decentralization: The most powerful function of a DAO is its decentralization. The OBG understands this value and will vote to ensure API3’s governance stays decentralized yet efficient.

Scalability: Proposals need to have a clear, step-by-step plan of action to serve as a roadmap if approved. When detailed proposals are posted, they are much easier to execute, increasing the probability that the proposal will have a significant positive impact on the project.

Conscientiousness: It is supremely important to the OBG that we understand the power and importance of our vote in the API3 DAO. Because of this, we will assign a team of at least three group analysts and one officer to bear the responsibility of keeping abreast of API3’s development and casting votes in the DAO. This team will periodically present updates to our entire group in order to ensure we are voting in accordance with our values.

We hope to become more involved in all aspects of API3 and contribute to the community the best we can.

Our group’s ETH address is: 0xB1F617ea30368aBC242481043d4426849BaeA323

Thank you for your consideration,
Oregon Blockchain Group


BlockVenture is pleased to recommend Zack and the Oregon Blockchain Group (OGB). We have worked with their group since 2018. Two OGB founders interned with us at BlockVenture during our early stage and were key support during our launch. Professor Steve McKeon, who is on the team at Collaborative Crypto, serves as faculty advisor to OGB, and their blockchain group has been active in industry initiatives with BlockVenture. We are confident the Oregon Blockchain Group would make a positive impact in API3’s DAO governance.