How To Join The API3 University Governance Program

How to join The API3 University Governance Program

If you’re affiliated with a university and would like to join, send a message to the @University voting bloc and introduce yourself. If you don’t already have an account on this forum then you will need to sign up first.

The university voting bloc is self-managed by students. A student-member will discuss the program with you and determine your eligibility to participate.

What is the API3 University Governance Program?

The API3 university governance program is a way for university-affiliated blockchain groups to participate in governing the API3 DAO. Benefits for students include:

  • Gain experience participating in a real DAO
  • Establish a reputation for yourself at API3
  • Have an impact on the future of Web3

Benefits for the API3 DAO include:

  • Increased governance activity and decentralization
  • Early exposure to educated Web3 talent
  • Voting power for a group that values long-term project health

Background on The API3 University Governance Program

The program started with a suggestion by BlockVenture followed by individual university groups posting delegation pitches. It became clear that a voting bloc would enable a more successful program. The university voting fund was created for this purpose and delegates voting power to the student-managed bloc. The university voting bloc is a fantastic example of how to organize a DAO voting bloc.

After helping launch the program, BlockVenture handed its management over to the students themselves. Today, the program is run by students, for students, with administrative support provided by the API3 Marketing team.

The API3 university governance program was originally suggested here and officially proposed here. More topics related to university governance are found here.

Have questions? Post your questions in #support and make sure to mention @University. Ready to join? Follow these instructions above.