I can't access the API3 DAO Dashboard

Help! I can’t access the DAO Dashboard / staking website. Is it down? What should I do?

The DAO Dashboard is probably not down. It’s hosted on IPFS with redundancy. The problem you’re having is probably with the link to access it.

There are several ways to access the dashboard on IPFS and some are more secure than others. Here are the different ways to access the dashboard. If the most secure options are not working then you can choose to use the alternatives at your own risk.

Most Secure & Recommended

These methods are considered most secure because you can verify that the code in the build has not been tampered with using these instructions.

1. Use ENS

Using a browser that can resolve ENS names directly, go to https://api3.eth/.

Brave can do it natively, as can browsers such as Chrome and Firefox with MetaMask installed.

Before switching to a less secure or more difficult alternative, here are a few steps you can try:

  1. Make sure you are using a Web3 browser that can resolve ENS domains
  2. Clear your browser cache
  3. Close and restart your browser
  4. Go to https://api3.eth/

2. Run locally with Docker

You can run the official DAO Dashboard docker container on your desktop using these instructions. This method the most decentralized but you have to use the command line, Git, and Docker, which might be difficult for some users.

Less Secure & Not As Recommended

3. Use API3’s DNS redirect

The API3 DAO provides an HTTP redirect to the most update-to-date IPFS files on regular DNS. This can be viewed as less secure because it relies entirely on the API3 DAO as a point of centralization. Go to https://dao.api3.org/ to access the dashboard with API3’s DNS HTTP redirect.

4. Use an IPFS gateway directly

The recommended ENS link (above) and the DNS alternatives resolve to an IPFS gateway URL that includes the IPFS hash of the dashboard. If you’re having trouble using both https://api3.eth/ and https://dao.api3.org/ then you can bypass them and use a gateway URL directly. The down side of this is that every time the DAO dashboard gets updated the URL changes. So if you’ve bookmarked an IPFS gateway URL and you don’t know that the dashboard was updated then you will be accessing an old version of the dashboard which might be incompatible with the DAO contracts or contain a security vulnerability. Another issue is that you have to get the URL from a trusted source because it’s hard to verify the long URL with the IPFS hash using your own eyes. A scammer can send you a link with a different hash and you might not notice. A gateway URL as of June 2nd, 2022 is here but beware, this URL will be outdated the next time the DAO dashboard is updated.

In conclusion, the DAO Dashboard is probably not down. If https://api3.eth/ isn’t working for you then you might try one of the alternatives such as https://dao.api3.org/ but be aware of the risks in using the less secure alternatives.


Updated to

  1. Remove the Fleek URL which was causing problems due to rate limiting
  2. Add the DNS HTTP redirect method
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Updated the solution post, removing the EthLink method to access the DAO dashboard because apparently EthLink is no longer owned by Cloudfare.

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