Infinity wallet mysterious unstake problem


I am connecting to API3 dashboard with Infinity Wallet, latest version, via wallet connect - desktop QR code.
I have tokens, which are ready for unstake. When i try it, i get a confrimation window in the wallet, with should show two options = decline and approve.

The approve button is not “clickable”, and i have enoght of Eth for the transactioin and see no error messages anywhere. It simply doesn work.

I tried with Brave and Firefox, i tried with more Eth in wallet… But still not working.

Any ideas?

Hi, have you tried clearing your cache or using a different browser? We haven’t received any issues with wallet connection. Maybe it’s an issue with Infinite Wallet.

Please be careful of scammers who might try to get you to connect with them for help.

You may want to use these other links. Let us know if it works.



I update my Brave and reboot.

All fine now :slight_smile: Thanks

…but the Eth fees of course :smiley:

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