Introducing: ChainLocker

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a non-custodial escrow protocol I’ve launched called ChainLocker ( It’s designed to allow users to deploy their own “ChainLockers” to conditionally lock and release ERC20 and native gas tokens, including making them contingent on the value of a dAPI at the time of execution. The “receipt” functionality also uses dAPIs for certain supported assets.

Data-contingent escrow has been a focus of mine for a while, and it feels great to launch this as an API3 ecosystem tool. More in the launch thread and medium article here on the design and potential uses, for those interested.


Awesome Erich, Do you have a tutorial or something?

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Thanks! Links to the smart contract code and README explanations are here but I do plan on doing some demonstrations/tutorials and periodic articles on usecase implementations in the new year. All updates will be posted on the twitter account