Marketing Team WorkDAO Backpay

Ask: 21,000 USDC transferred to 0x14c7745B32A81CC2271c6D075E26916AAbeF068f

My time as marketing manager ended on October 31st. When the communications proposal passed, I sent the 116,930.82 USDC left in the marketing team wallet that was over the 15,840 USDC from the communications proposal back to the treasury. In doing so, I forgot that ~21,000 USDC was still owed to WorkDAO for US contributors’ grants during the months of September and October. These hadn’t been paid because we had not yet received invoices and didn’t know exactly how much would be owed. Yesterday, I received the invoices and the amount was exactly 21,000 USDC. Since I mistakenly sent the 21,000 USDC that had been allocated for these grants and was owed to WorkDAO back to the treasury, I am requesting 21,000 USDC be transferred from the treasury to USAPI Services, LLC (0x14c7745B32A81CC2271c6D075E26916AAbeF068f), who handles payments to WorkDAO. This is only to reimburse USAPI Services, LLC for the payment they already made to WorkDAO for grants on a previous proposal that I accidently sent back to the treasury, not a new grant.

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