Metamask not connecting, won't show in staking pool


I’m hoping someone can help. I recently transferred my API3 to Metamask, went on to the API3 staking site, and clicked the connect wallet but it didn’t connect. When I checked on Metamask it shows it is connected

But it doesn’t connect. How do I get it to show in the staking pool? Thanks!

When you say did doesn’t connect, do you mean that it doesn’t show as connected in the upper right? Do you see “Connected to mainnet”?

No, it doesn’t show connected, though Metamask on its site shows I’m connected to API3. When I click on it, brings up the choice of connecting to Metamask, and when I click on Metamask, the Metamask icon goes away, like it was connecting, but it doesn’t. I am using Brave browser. Is that a problem?

Hi - just to check the obvious - could you clear your browser history/cache and reopen your browser to try again?

Sometimes unfortunately the obvious isn’t obvious to me! That worked, and I staked the API3 and it said completed, but now when I click on Staking on the upper left hand corner, it brings up the initial Staking How it Works screen. When I scroll down, all the fields are empty under Staking Pool and Balance.

Yet, the transaction showed it completed at 0x7dd56f816c4338901179cb8d952f5ae704c75ffcdb9aa43659b2b2443681f1c6.

Shouldn’t I be able to see my balance when I click on staking then? Also, this may be obvious to you, but do I need to connect Metamask every time I connect to the API3 site to check balance? Thanks for your support!


I just checked your tx and that’s just the initial approval tx which allows the API3 DAO to “spend” your tokens - you may now initiate the deposit and stake function with a second tx

Yes you will need to connect your metamask each time to see your balance directly - however you can also use the community cloud tool here (once you have staked) to monitor your returns


Excellent. Thank you. That did it. Much appreciated!