No balance Ledger Ethereum account

I have connected to API3 DAO with my Ledger S nano through my Ethereum account.
For connection, I have chosen the Ledger wallet, then the Ethereum account on my Ledger.
I have 0.38 ethereum for this test. I have accepted one transaction to approve the connection.
My balance is still 0.0, and I can’t stack.
I have tried Chrome and Firefox browser.
I don’t know what to do, please for help?
Thanks a lot.
Beste Regards

OK now I see the Amount in API3DAO, but can not finish the transaction in Ledger nano. I can not change the amount in Ledger window.

Here is my account balance for API3:

[Hi Api3 team, I found this vulnerability and responsibly

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I give up, Ethereum is not for me, the gas fees are ill, I have lost over 50$ for stupid conversions and fees. I stay with XRP!
Thanks a lot.