Quantumiser (randomiser) for community/marketing + whitelisting processes

There seems to be a user need for a simple lottery/raffle tool, mainly for use by projects in more community/marketing-focused activities or whitelisting processes.

For example, the project EXR on Moonbeam used QRNG for running their whitelisting processes. Additionally, I have been asked by protocol folks whether we have a pre-made lottery tool for them to use within giveaway/community engagement activities.

For context, should the API3 DAO want to run the addresses staked in the DAO through a ‘raffel’ for giveaways (access to DAO events, NFTs, Governance requests etc.) then this tool would execute that process on-chain.

Other points

  • I’m unsure if you can are able to associate QRNG to parameters within a raffle -e.g bulk pull the top 10% of winners
  • If there was a front-end then that could make it very easy for all of Web3 to use via perhaps uploading a CSV file. Repo would have benefits also.

Going to keep the detail light, it’s fairly simple as a concept! Happy Midsommar!

Pretty sure @Cam built a lottery example that supports weightings/multiple entries that might work for this?