Rename API3 category channels in Discord

I propose we rename the channels under the API3 category in Discord. The way they are now confuses me. Here’s what we have.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 5.23.49 PM

I would like to

  • Rename general-chat to just general. Why do we need the word chat?
  • Rename airnode-and-development to api3-dev. Currently I don’t know whether it’s for people working on Airnode or people using Airnode in their dApps. This would make it clearly for people working on API3 code (Airnode, Beacons, dAPIs).
  • Add a channel called dapp-dev (or possbly api3-user) that’s for people developing dApps that use Airnode.
  • Rename support-and-bugs to just support. Not sure why but the -and-bugs is bugging me. It makes it longer than necessary.
  • Move bot-channel_scam-report and request-notification-roles to another category. Would normal community members use these? I’m not sure what for.

So the API3 category would look like this

  • general
  • api3-dev
  • dapp-dev
  • support

I also think every channel should have a topic set so that everyone knows what they’re all for.

What do you think @Marcus and @Auvi? I can make the changes but I don’t want to step on your toes if you think differently.

I agree. The channel names have always been confusing to me but I thought I was the only one who felt like that. The channel names with all the - / _ don’t look appealing to the eye.

The changes you propose look good. I will also move the #introductions channel to the community category and move or remove the bot-channel_scam-report channel.

As for topics, that’s a good idea. Some channels might be self-explanatory but adding a topic won’t hurt. I also don’t think we need that many off-topic channels (music, gaming, books etc.). One off-topic channel or a channel called lounge or hangout would be enough. What is your take on that?

I think we should also personalize our Discord by changing the role colors and adding new emojis to match our brand, such as the squares that I added which can be used for notes as seen in the example below. These are small adjustments but if we are consistent with it on all ends, we are creating a distinct environment that visually separates us from other Discord servers.


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It doesn’t matter to me. I just care the we have the 2 dev channels - 1 for API3 dev and 1 for dapp dev. And that they are close to the top so people see them. It looks good with the changes you made.

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