[RFC] API3 product roadmap wireframe

Here is a wireframe for a high-level API3 product roadmap. Please provide feedback before we design and pretty it up.

The final version will include a short description for each milestone in addition to just the name.

  • Does this information help answer the questions you have about where API3 is going?
  • Is there anything missing that you think is important?
  • What questions and/or suggestions do you have?

Compliments to the team, nice to see the effort in response to the community’s request for a roadmap / status update


First off, a huge thanks to the team for hearing the community and putting this together to help address everyone’s questions and curiosities! This looks like a great framework to help understand the various parallel paths that are all driving progress. I’ve included a few additional thoughts for consideration too:

  1. As a general note, there is so much to this project that is what I’ll call “non-R&D” that doesn’t get the recognition (and in my opinion, the respect) that it deserves. I don’t think this is due to a lack of appreciation, but more so just that a lot of it goes unrecognized. I find it very ironic, because I think much of that work is what is giving this project a firm foundation to grow. This would be a great place to draw attention to those activities such as node deployment support, partnerships, and much of the other work the Operations team is doing.

  2. Regarding formatting, this is a great high level framework. It breaks down the parallel channels that are in action and being coordinated to reach various deliverables. One thing that I’ve seen in many other roadmaps and may be helpful here is a slightly more detailed breakout of each item below. So where the boxes above are deliverables, having several checkpoints/milestones for each would help the community understand how we get from one deliverable to the next. For example, the Airnode 1.0 deliverable could include checkpoints for code completion, audits, documentation, deployment, etc. Then each checkpoint could be marked as complete in the roadmap as they are completed. This could be done either immediately or on a periodic basis such as when monthly reports are released. The team could abstain from including target dates since I know that is a sore subject here. I think the community would be appreciative enough without them.

Of course the degree to which these could be implemented should not be so extensive as to impede progress in any other areas. I hope these suggestions will help to drive some thoughtful discussion and sparks some ideas for others too.

Thanks again, cheers!


Currently the most immediate source for node integration notifications is -api-integrations in discord. But we are also working to make that info available in the API listings on the website. Each API with an Airnode deployed has an Airnode documentation link.

It takes you to a Readme with details to access the API. For example, this one shows it’s available on Rinkeby, an Ethereum testnet.

I think this will be more visible with “Open Access For Devs” milestone.

I admit we’ve lagged on partnership announcements during the past couple months but that’s been addressed and should start back up next week. The tough thing about partnerships is those are often what we can’t make public in advance.

Good point. I was planning to add more detailed descriptions of them but if there are intermediate steps to get to them those could be listed as well.

Thanks for writing them! I’m always for discussion before going too far down a path.

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Thanks for the feedback!

If it hasn’t already been considered, adding links to relevant tools and articles for each milestone would be a great way to improve visibility. As I’ve said before, the team is doing lots of great work that a lot of people just haven’t noticed. This should help bridge that gap between perception and reality.

No worries on the partnership announcements, I understand the nature of those. I wouldn’t expect any specifics to be included here, just some of the higher-level deliverables from the proposals might be good though.


Great update! This really helps to explain where we are in the process. Even if it is without hard-dates. I think few lines of explanation under each box would make this more accessible and friendly to digest. And also designed in the API3 identity.


Make a few minor updates based on feedback…

Added descriptions and made minor updates based on more feedback.

Just discovered whimsical. Example: Analogies: TradFi to DeFi

Possibly alternative to the static wireframe picture, if you like it

Thanks, we may want to keep a more fluid version on something like this. The plan for the one above is to put a static illustration directly on api3.org.

Great post! This really helped me understand where the project is heading and the descriptions of each phase was well put into layman terms. Keep it up team!

We should update the Roadmap and replace the old term by service coverage.


@can you were planning to work on updating the roadmap, right? If so I’d like to help.

@ryan yes, I got the original file from Leandro. We just need to write down the topics and assemble it.