[SC] API3 Events - Remainder of 2022

This will no longer be its own standalone events proposal. Instead, each team will include their event costs in their own proposal. See the comment below.

This proposal is to fund API3 conference & event attendance for the remainder of 2022.

Previously, events have been covered by the general marketing proposals but in line with our effort to decentralize API3 marketing we would like to break this out into its own proposal. There are several reasons for this.

  1. It allows the DAO to vote for or against event spending without having it tied to the rest of the marketing proposal. For example, you could vote against the events budget without voting against the content marketing budget or vice versa.
  2. It takes a longer term view on events spending. There are many events year round and this way we don’t get tunnel vision and just say yes to whatever is coming up next.
  3. The benefits of attending events aren’t only marketing-related. Business development, developer networking, and other activities happen there but when it’s lumped into the marketing proposal it contributes the marketing proposal looking bigger.

For each event, we estimate the number of people who would attend and make a ball-park estimate of the total cost but the exact cost won’t be known until flights and hotels purchased. The last column is for notes about why we should attend and, perhaps, who will attend.

Start End Event # USDC Why?
Mar 28 Mar 30 ETHDubai 3 4,000
Apr 6 Apr 9 Bitcoin 2022 2 3,700
Apr 18 Apr 25 DevConnect 1 1,500
Apr 22 Apr 24 ETHAmsterdam 1 1,600
May 17 May 19 Permissionless 1 1,800
Jun 20 Jun 23 NFT.NYC 3 4,050
Jul 4 Jul 10 ETHBarcelona 2 3,800
Jul 19 Jul 21 EthCC 5 6,150
Aug 8 Aug 12 Korea Blockchain Week 2 3,200
Aug 19 Aug 21 ETHMexicoCity 2 2,900
Sep 9 Sep 11 ETHLisbon 1 1,000
Sep 22 Sep 23 Zebu Live 2 1,800
Oct 11 Oct 14 Devcon 2 3,500
Oct 20 Oct 21 LisCon 1 1,000
10% buffer 4,000
Total 44,000

The grant will be deposited into the marketing team wallet (api3m.eth).

As these are planned estimates, any amount remaining at the end of 2022 will be carried over into the general marketing budget and deducted from the amount requested in the next marketing proposal.


In order to get an idea which events the DAO feels are worth attending and which aren’t, please vote for all the events you support funding attendance at. Any event you select is a vote for API3 attending. Any event you don’t select is a vote against attending. You can edit your vote afterward so don’t overthink it.

Initial Sentiment Check
  • ETHDubai
  • Bitcoin 2022
  • DevConnect
  • ETHAmsterdam
  • Permissionless
  • ETHBarcelona
  • EthCC
  • Korea Blockchain Week
  • ETHMexicoCity
  • ETHLisbon
  • Zebu Live
  • Devcon
  • LisCon

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I’d say that the Lisbon events are big enough and would prob require more than just one person to attend

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A great showcase of events. I agree with @Midhav some of these events should have a higher API3 presence depending on the impact we want to create.

Like, Eth-Mexico City and Devcon (Colombia), API3 should at least have three people (@cypherbadger- Andres(growth), Myself (growth), and @Santiago (developer) to attend because it’s in API3s best interest to show a strong presence in LatAM’s growing Web3 adoption. API3 should also want @ryan to attend since he’s been active in API3’s LatAm/El Salvador growth efforts and contributes unique insights, perspectives, and workflows. I’d like to include others from the team, but I am mindful this is already bringing up the costs for the DAO.

Good point @Rico and @Midhav. Feel free to argue how many people you think should attend specific events and I can update the estimates to reflect it.

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We discussed this more today and it was suggested that instead of doing a stand-alone events proposal that we should include these in the team proposals. This is basically what we did before except instead of all of them going in the marketing team proposal, each team will sponsor their own members’ attendance in their own proposal.

The marketing team plans to attend EthCC as we’re a sponsor. We might attend others but it’s TBD. For other events, each team lead who wants to send a member should include it their own team proposal.

BD: @dave & @GioAPI3
Tech: @bbenligiray & @andre
Integrations: @Cam
LatAm/OB: @Rico
Operations: @LikeTheJar & @Emily
China: @Typto
Vietnam: @TyrKyros

At least the poll above can be used as a guide to which events are coming up and which ones DAO members think are worth attending.


If possible we can consider Shanghai Blockchain Week. usually in Sep or Oct. But the epidemic is bad in Shanghai now, so I don’t know if the blockchain week will be stuck.

Hey @Typto, I’d like to separate our major non-English regions (China, LatAm, Vietnam, Korea) into their own proposals starting next cycle. I think conferences in these regions should be included in those proposals. Shanghai Blockchain Week should go in a proposal for China. @Rico, ETHMexicoCity and Devcon should go in a proposal for LatAm.


@ryan How about ETH San Francisco from Nov 3-5? I would go.

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You’d have to ask @Cam. I think it’s worth looking into when he does a proposal for the cycle in which EthSF will happen


ETH NYC is a big one given the amount of people and projects based out of NYC and the surrounding areas. Also its the closest to me :wink: , just wish there was a big event out here by Chicago or somewhere in the Midwest. Permissionless is also a big one as I know many friends and peers who will be there.

Oregon Blockchain will have about 15 of us there!