[Secondary Proposal 17] API3 at ETHDenver 2022

The most important thing for API3 to accomplish now is to be adopted by Web3 developers. ETHDenver is the largest developer-oriented Ethereum event in the world and offers a timely opportunity to kickstart that adoption.

This proposal provides funding for API3 to have a strong presence at ETHDenver 2022, held February 11-20. Our goals are

  • Introduce API3 to the wider Ethereum dev community
  • Maximize the use of API3 at the ETHDenver hackathon (#BUIDLATHON)
  • Garner global API3 press coverage
  • Increase API3 brand awareness to kick off 2022
  • Acquire production users of API3

More than 3,000 developers are expected to participate in the #BUIDLATHON this year along with thousands more investors and enthusiasts - the largest ever expected turnout. API3 is already a sponsor of ETHDenver, partially covered by the general marketing budget. But a sponsorship is only what we make if it. In order to get the most return for API3, we need to show up and be conspicuous.

Our plan to achieve this is

  • Send 9 API3 core team members to the event.
  • Host a “First Party” happy hour during #BUIDLWEEK to introduce API3 to participants.
  • Hosts a “Head Start” technical workshop during #BUIDLWEEK to get participants thinking about how to use API3 in their solution.
  • Offer the maximum allowed hackathon bounty to participants for building projects that specifically use API3.

In addition to these estimated ETHDenver expenses, there was an unexpected $25k reward expense from the Bitcoin Bankathon covered by the marketing budget that needs to be reimbursed so that it can be applied to complete our ETHDenver sponsorship. Originally this was intended to be paid in API3 tokens but the Bankathon requirements changed after budgeting.

The budget requested is

Purpose Amount (USDC)
Lodging 10,350
Flights 6,900
Ride Shares 1,000
First Party 6,000
Head Start Workshop 2,000
Misc (planning in progress) 10,000
API3 Project Use Bounty 21,000
Bankathon Reward Reimbursement 25,000
Total 82,250

The grant will be deposited into the marketing team wallet (api3m.eth).

As these are planned estimates, any amount remaining after ETHDenver will be carried over into the general marketing budget and deducted from the amount requested in next general marketing proposal.

  • Yes
  • No

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The proposal is up for vote. I didn’t want to wait too long due to time constraints for the event.


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