[Secondary Proposal 37] Operations Team, August-October 2022 (Cycle 8)

API3 DAO Operations Team Proposal

Team: Operations

Operations cycle: #8

Period: 1 August 2022 – 31 October 2022 (3 months)

Amount: $ 107,918.05

Destination: Gnosis Safe (Multi-sig Wallet)

address 0x00128492458fdB7f50ffE655153Bc91aE06e00F5


  • Mark - 0x439A2D8c08751aD4E8130c2585c7108FD3957f0C
  • Mason - 0x98f1d35bB3A4570AeAa601aA3eB54d8fc7aB37e1
  • Emily - 0xD78C5F70cD91Da7433329552c720f7F65FA1760e
    • ⅔ signatures needed in order to make a transaction.



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I understand the need for BUNCH to prevent fake accounts, scams, and bots from infiltrating our communities. However, it makes sense for this to be the Marketing team’s responsibility since they’re in charge of community monitoring, analytics, and overall community health. Operations to also work on this seems like it’s a double effort. Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood.

Thanks for the input. I believe the idea is actually that Marketing is primarily concerned with efforts that are growth oriented, so moderation can be a distraction. Marketing does do community engagement, analytics tracking, and so forth, but the key difference is that their end goal is to increase adoption and engagement. Moderating for scams, bots, and fake accounts is a separate function more support oriented, which was why we agreed that it made more sense for us to take that on.


just wanted to add that marketing (and me) do continue to support BUNCH by providing answers to them in a private channel on discord, or answering tougher questions on their behalf


The ops team taking on moderation is something I asked for and really appreciate. It’s not cheap to monitor these channels 24/7, shut down scammers promptly, and enforce the rules. It takes a well coordinated team.

We shouldn’t think of the API3 Discord as just “community” which might imply it’s just people hanging out. It’s a place where customer service, technical support, and sales happen. It’s not just marketing.


Operations proposal passed.