[Secondary Proposal] API LatAm cycle #5, May-July

Team: API LatAm
Period: 1 May 2023 - 31 Jul 2023 (3 months)
Cycle: #5
Amount Requested: 38,775 USDC
Destination: 0x13B06db56A686271a73C39B8d8C9dba13B4DF567



● It is with great honor to announce: The individuals behind API LatAm have been invited to join ETH-Kipu governing body, a well-respected organization created for Latin American thought leaders to foster Ethereum’s growth in the region.

● With API LatAm continued active work in El Salvador, we have founded Eth-Volcano, which aims to educate and provide network opportunities for Salvadorans and the LatAm region interested in Ethereum.

● El Salvador continues to pass pro-crypto and digital asset laws at an unprecedented pace, aiming to become the region’s Singapore or Switzerland equivalence.

● API LatAm team has contracted a top lawyer in El Salvador to work part-time, help ideate long-term strategic plans, and capitalize on such regulatory opportunities.

● QuantumFair, a raffle marketplace powered by QRNG on OP continues in development. The smart contracts are within a month of being completed, and the UX/IU integrations are continuously working on. The BD/Marketing are also actively worked on along with API3 Spanish efforts. Jessica, the content lead, was featured on Platzi, the leading LatAm educational platform with over 500k and 300k followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively.

● Chainlink has become active in the LatAm region, and its BD strategies are being deployed, therefore as we face increased competition, we ask for additional funds to create Spanish/LatAm API3 Community Bounties to help spread the API3 gospel organically.


Would you be able to expand a bit about the community bounties? How will these funds be used/distributed?

Yes, I would love to collaborate and get those bounties. But yes, how would be the mechanism of participation and how will the community be informed about the specific challenges that will be available to collaborate?

Hi @andre and @Darc,

Thanks for the questions!

The community bounties will be divided into two categories. Developer Bounty and Community Bounties. Both types of bounties would “sponsor” Eth-Volcano and, therefore, have reach to promote with Eth-Kipu (Ethereum Latin American communities). Note: all funds would go directly to support API3 bounties, and no funds would be used for anything else, such as personal expenses/food/beverage/swag, etc.

Developer Bounty: There are two propositions.

First, we’d call it a “Forkathon.” The idea is for developers to fork existing De-Fi projects and become familiar with utilizing dAPI marketplace by replacing existing projects that use legacy oracles and replacing with API3. We’d advise with the Nodary and the technical team if it’s currently a good time for such an event or if we should wait for further documentation before undertaking this bounty.

Second: If the “Forkathon” has to wait, we’d aim for a Climate Change bounty. We’d use Accuweather and Ambee APIs to help create smart contracts relying on weather and climate change data to spark further innovation. The main idea is for developers to become aware of Airnode’s power and utility. We can handle the business and technical requirements in-house of API LatAm and would not be a burden to the current technical teams.

Community Bounties:

Here we aim to create developer guides, tutorials, workshops, and thought pieces in Spanish. These bounties would be geared toward less technical folks to help reach wider audiences. These rewards would be smaller in size, depending on the level of requirements.


We’d use replit.com/bounties and/or bounties.Gitcoin.co to host such bounties for transparency and open source purposes. Also, we’d have judging criteria before posting each type of bounty. More specifically, a requirement for each bounty award will require the use of API3 technologies.

Hope this makes sense, please feel free with any questions :slight_smile:


Since there are no other inquiries/questions, we’ll proceed to take this for a vote.

Anyone, please feel free to ask tho.