[Secondary Proposal] API LatAm Team, Cycle 4 Proposal

Team: API LatAm
Period: 1 Feb 2023 - 31 April 2023 (3 months)
Cycle: #4
Amount Requested: 21,000 USDC
Destination: 0x13B06db56A686271a73C39B8d8C9dba13B4DF567



● API LatAm built a Raffle as a service dApp, using QRNG, called “QuantumFair” (QF).

● QF allows anyone without technical knowledge to easily launch their own NFT quantum raffle on-chain.

● QF contracts are modularized and can later allow participants to access raffle services from various platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

● QF’s goal is to engage communities and build API3 and QRNG awareness.

● QF will be native to Optimism because OP is the only L2 that strongly supports the regional LatAm growth.

● API LatAm corporation will take advantage of El Salvador’s recent January 2023 crypto law, providing it with further legal shelter.


I think the general idea of promoting QRNG in LatAm and using that as a gateway to finding a foothold in the Optimism ecosystem is a good idea

Not sure about whether QF is a good idea when the ecosystem team I think is working on an alternative lottery contract demo with a frontend on the same chain
I think the difference here is that anyone can deploy a raffle, though maybe the existing contracts can be repurposed for that?


Yes, that’s correct. QuantumFair is a dApp allows anyone to deploy their own quantum raffle and is geared for communities as a whole regardless of their technical level. Ecosystem team is “delivering developer oriented collateral and activities.”


Since there are no outstanding questions, this has been moved to an official DAO proposal. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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