[Secondary Proposal] API LatAm Team, Nov-Jan 2023 (Cycle 3)

API LatAM Team Proposal
Period: 1 Nov 2022 - 31 Jan 2023 (3 months)
Cycle: #3
Amount: 15,000 USDC
Destination: 0x13B06db56A686271a73C39B8d8C9dba13B4DF567



Since there are no questions, this proposal will go up to a DAO vote.


I’d meant to comment this a few days ago but forgot to send

This overall looks p good but I gotta ask why the graphs have the labels in Spanish while the axes are described in English

Any exciting stuff - I like that the budget is minimal and the scope is tight and has good potential
How closely are you working with Blockstream on the Liquid stuff?

Voting for it


Thank you for the questions. Yes “Cicle” was meant to be “Cycle.” It was an oversight on my end. Apologies for the confusion.

Over the past months, we’ve met different people in the BTC Liquid ecosystem. Nothing is written in stone, but they have been very open to knowing more about this EVM<>Liquid compatibility with the Airnode. We’re showing a recently made demo to certain people at Adopting Bitcoin conference in El Salvador. Depending on their response and further talks, we’ll see if this compatibility is something to continue to explore.

In the meantime, we’re focusing on QRNG adoption since we’ve made significant strides in that area.