[Secondary Proposal] - Copywriter Proposal


Period: 1 March 2023 - 31 May 2023 (3 months)

Amount: 20517.20 USDC

Address: Gnosis Safe 0x023de9b686f2b01F44a0cD23f93D833296dC5C9A
Signers: Myself (Tamara) 0x8282D2E4e853b178fAFd13F7FcA997EaaA7030B9
Ben 0x579D7a028634b9d95f3382AC2A20C9F5Bcc99976

1/2 Multisig

Summary: This proposal will bring onboard copywriters that can help several teams within the API3 ecosystem edit content, create the content for the API3.org redesign, and create lasting materials to help steer writing.


As API3 creates more products and has continuously increasing visibility, it’s becoming a significant struggle to spend time producing content that is on par with API3’s standards while maintaining consistency across copy output from different teams.

Having a copywriter edit articles written by other team members will allow them to focus more on their core responsibilities and spend significantly less time on writing and fine-tuning. Also, many members of API3 are not native English speakers, so having an editor that is a fluent speaker lifts the burden of perfecting written English.

In addition to general content editing, a copywriter for web copy is critically needed. With an international audience it can be difficult to ensure that all text throughout products is understandable to everyone in the space. A copywriter is needed to find the best balance of language that can be understood by those in this space with various levels of proficiency in English.

Last but not least, with so much content being produced, it’s important that consistency across the ecosystem is maintained. During this proposal, a voice and tone guide will be created to ensure all communication is consistent and within current branding.

In order to achieve all of the above, we’ve chosen to work with 2 contractors and bring onboard one copywriter.

I) API3.org content

Mac Budkowski will be responsible for working with the API3 team and Ramotion to deliver the content on the API3.org re-design. Mac has extensive experience writing various content for projects in both the Web2 and Web3 space.

II) Long-term materials

Gemma Germains will be responsible for delivering a tone of voice and writer’s style guide to ensure api3.org is able to communicate effectively with existing and target audience members. Gemma will also test the MVP site content to ensure voice and style are correctly applied across the customer journey. She has a talent for researching and understanding users’ wants and needs, as well as translating content into something that speaks to them.

III) Ongoing work

We will add a copywriter to become part of the API3 team and will have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain a voice & tone guide
  • Edit web copy
  • Edit content produced by other team members
  • Create an editing process to streamline content and ensure it is brought up to the standard level of writing


Tamara and Ben will supervise the proposal with no additional compensation. Any unspent amounts will be returned or carried over to the next proposal.

Category Amount (USDC)
Grants 10752
Contractors 7900
Headroom (10%) 1865.20
Total 20517.20
Team Members Basis Amount per month (USDC)
Copywriter* P/T 3584**

*This position is currently vacant but in the process of being filled

** US-based contributor (12% extra liabilities)

Contractors Amount (USDC)
Mac Budkowski 2000
Gemma Germains 5900*

*7.5 days for a total of $5900. Any additional hours needed will be $112 per hour.


Mac Budkowski and Gemma Germains will work to achieve the one-time deliverables.


Additional budget will provide flexibility to allow for additional expenses contractor hours, user testing, etc. Any unspent amount will be returned or carried over to the next cycle.


Deliverables include API3.org content, a voice and tone guide, web copy brought up to date and consistent, and a proposed editing process.

Don’t think you need to set up a multisig if it’s gonna be a 1/2 :smiley:


Added anyway because I would like to add another signer at some point

Don’t have much to add other than it would be great to have the guide public/open source, and I will have some edits/suggestions from the legal/reg perspective


The proposal is now up!

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