[Secondary Proposal] Ecosystem proposal cycle #3: March - June 2023

## Ecosystem Proposal

Cycle #3 March 2023 - June 2023

Destination: Gnosis Safe (Multi-sig Wallet)



  • Ben - 0x579D7a028634b9d95f3382AC2A20C9F5Bcc99976
  • Ashar - 0xf57B7C0025444c069dBfE12417729f22A13a399b
  • Vansh - 0xbAE697Bc7433E214eECf2816E5D74f2C6FCb4484


The Ecosystem team is dedicated to fostering strong and strategic relationships with partners, delivering developer-oriented collateral & activities, and providing direct support for dApps looking to use dAPIs through evangelism efforts. Specific outputs may look like this:

  • Ecosystem partnerships
  • Learning materials (tutorials, technical workshops)
  • Bounty challenges
  • Developer support
  • Developer advocacy
  • User testing/feedback capture

The ecosystem team reports via an OKR framework. This intends to keep efforts aligned whilst providing details/commentary on progress. The team’s OKRs were last updated on Jan 23rd.

Expanded summary:

To expand, there are 4 key areas the ecosystem team delivers under, with current and future contributors focusing on these.

Growth marketing & partnerships:

  • Focus on acquiring new users and onboarding them to the API3 ecosystem by leveraging word-of-mouth marketing, referral programs, and partnerships.
  • Expand the ecosystem’s reach by partnering with other Web3 projects and platforms to offer integrated experiences and increase visibility.
  • Collaborate with ecosystem partners ensuring strategic & team alignment, whilst setting up engagements for success.

Ecosystem activation:

  • Encourage usage of API3 by providing users with a variety of compelling use cases and demo applications.
  • Foster community engagement and collaboration through online events or learning experiences.
  • Create a platform that offers opportunities for developers to contribute to the ecosystem.

Developer experience:

  • Support developers looking to use API3 by contributing to the documentation within the explore & tutorials sections.
  • Foster a supportive and collaborative developer community by providing access to resources and opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Offer incentives for developers to build and launch on the platform, such as grants, accelerators, and hackathons.
  • Utilize data and analytics to optimize user acquisition and retention.

Builder relations and integration support:

  • Build strong relationships with developers, builders, and other ecosystem participants
  • Offer opportunities for builders to generate awareness about their applications and engage with the wider community, such as through developer-focused events and hackathons.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and mutual support by providing opportunities for builders to share their experiences and best practices, and by recognizing and rewarding their contributions to the ecosystem.
  • Support dApps integrate & onboard with API3 solutions and manage corresponding communications.

Cycle 3 specifics:

  1. Support the API3 Market soft launch
  2. Support the developer experience by capturing feedback and contributing to docs.api3.org
  3. Create content that promotes the value of dAPIs
  • Learning materials and tutorials to support developer onboarding
  • Demo projects
  • Delivery of ‘high-value’ workshops
  1. Drive ecosystem partnerships
  • Ensure strategic alignment
  • Support activity on API3 & partner media channels
  • Consistently support the API3 content calendar
  1. Define and launch the “api3.eco” website that will serve as a central hub for all dAPI-related information
  • Resources for developers, partners, and the general public to learn more about dAPIs
  • Self-registration ‘permissionless’ dApp showcase
  • Highlight contributors to the API3 ecosystem
  1. Define dev-support processes to ensure issues are tracked & responded to appropriately
  2. Define feedback capture processes and deliver insights to product & technical
  3. Expand searcher community by interacting with organisations like ROOK DAO that provide an avenue for searchers to conglomerate.

Whilst the above intends to provide a framework under which the team operates, we recognize the need to be dynamic and interface with other teams and workflows as required.

Ecosystem Team Budget:

Grants: $60900
Resource requests: $25000
Overhead: $4170 (~5%)

We plan to add to the team to scale the marketing capacity, hence there is an excess in grants requested above vs those outlined below. Whilst we do not think there is a need for this coming cycle, there may be a need to add developer relations to the team.

Total: $90195


Name Title Grant Proposal total
Ashar* Protocol Engineer 9800 29400
Ben* Ecosystem Lead 4500 13500
Vansh Dev support 3000 9000
tbc Eco Marketer/co-ordinator 4500 (x2) 9000
Name Description Request
Builder relations budget Dev DAO ad-hoc project + support for other builder activity 7500
Creative Animated explainers / social media clips, social media creative, technical illustrations, video editing 10000
Ecosystem Website Design & development 5000
Tooling & Travel Tooling & ad-hoc travel 2500

Definitely support


Sharing team OKR update: OKRs Updates: Jan 23rd - 10th April - API3 Ecosystem Team

Nice breadth of updates, though it’d be great if the described materials could have links to the content.

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