Unlocking potential of the API3 DAO Tracker [bounty challenge]

API3 DAO Tracker: Contributor Bounties

API3 is a decentralized and trust-minimized way of delivering traditional API services to smart contract platforms, governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The API3 DAO Tracker has been developed to support decentralization by allowing all participants to have access to the data to effectively govern the DAO.

Bounty overview: unlocking the potential of tracker.api3.org

API3 welcomes feedback from contributors so we can improve the accuracy, utility, and user experience of the tracker to optimize DAO governance. tracker.api3.org provides tooling that allows participants to understand key on-chain metrics surrounding governance including proposal voting, participant history, and an overview of staking rewards.

  1. Optimizing tracker.api3.org to better engage DAO participants

    • What areas of the site did you find difficult to understand?
    • What additional information would you find useful to support DAO governance?
    • How could navigation be improved?
  2. Enhancing the utility of tracker.api3.org for governance

    • How could governance be supported further by the tracker?
    • What functionality might improve governance engagement?
    • How does the tracker support your understanding of API3 and the DAO?
  3. Governance wildcard

    • What other opportunities would support the API3 ecosystem using tracker.api3.org?


  1. Overall winner: 600 API3
  2. Runners up x3: 250 API3

Judging criteria & submission

  • Degree of innovation and progress to the tracker
  • Impact on decentralized governance
  • Level of optimized governance for Web3 infrastructure
  • Practicality of implementation

The bounty will run from Feb 23rd through to April 14th (end of day). The challenge is open for all to enter but we welcome those using or familiar with the tracker.api3.org tooling to participate.

To submit your idea you can follow the template below (removing titles as you see fit) and post in to the thread.

Submission Title:

Describe your idea below
[Provide a brief summary of your suggestion. Make sure to highlight how it aligns with DAO governance in the Web3 infrastructure.]

How would you optimize the on-chain analytics on tracker.api3.org?
[Describe how you would optimize/change the on-chain analytics tool to support and enhance decentralized decision-making in DAOs.]

What is the impact on Governance Processes/Tools:
[Explain how your on-chain analytics tool integrates with existing governance processes and tools in the API3 DAO. How does it contribute to the transparency and accountability of decentralized decision-making?]

What unique features or approaches does your suggestion offer?
[Explain how your suggestion creates innovation and progress, especially in comparison to existing analytics solutions for DAO governance. ]

The overall impact on Decentralized Governance:
[Discuss the potential impact that your submission can have on the evolution of decentralized governance. How can it contribute to the growth and development of the API3 ecosystem?]

How do you implement your idea:
[Explain how your on-chain analytics tool can be implemented in a practical and scalable way]


Improving API3 DAO Tracker with Visual Data Analytics

Description of Idea:
My recommendation is to incorporate visual data analytics capabilities into the tracker, giving API3 participants access to simple charts and graphs that show crucial on-chain indicators related to governance. Users may find it challenging to examine and interpret the data on the tracker platform’s current only presentation of data in table format. Users can quickly get insights and make better decisions regarding the governance process by including visual representations like pie charts, line graphs, and bar charts.

Optimizing the on-chain analytics on the tracker
To put this recommendation into practice, it would make sense to create and integrate visual data analytics elements into the platform using the data already there on the tracker. Interactive dashboards showing previous voting trends, staking activity, proposal history, and other pertinent data points might be one example of this. Users may be able to modify data sets and apply filters to the visualizations’ dynamic nature to acquire further insights into governance activity.

Impact on Governance Processes/Tools
The API3 ecosystem’s decentralized decision-making would be more transparent and accountable with the inclusion of visual data analytics to the tracker. This tool would promote more informed decision-making and support more active engagement in DAO governance by giving users more convenient and interesting visualizations of important on-chain indicators related to governance. This might result in a decision-making process that is more effective and efficient, which would eventually help the API3 ecosystem expand and succeed.

Unique features
On-chain analytics for DAO governance can be approached in a novel and creative way with the help of the visual data analytics features provided. Users can analyze and change data sets to acquire deeper insights about governance activity by utilizing dynamic, interactive dashboards. This tool would give users a more user-friendly and interesting depiction of important governance indicators, promoting better informed decision-making and greater participation in DAO governance.

Some Examples of Visualizations for the Tracker
Rewards Section:

  • Line graph showing the APR over time
  • Stacked bar chart showing the total rewards earned by each member
  • …

Wallets Section:

  • Pie chart showing the distribution of voting power among members
  • …

Votings Section:

  • A horizontal bar chart showing the number of proposals for each type (primary or secondary)
  • A line graph showing the voting distribution for each proposal
  • …

Enhancing API3 DAO Tracker: A Comprehensive Solution for Decentralized Governance

Description: Our solution aims to provide a cohesive and intuitive platform for API3 DAO governance by optimizing on-chain analytics, integrating with existing tools, and introducing innovative features that promote transparency, accountability, and user engagement in the Web3 infrastructure.

How would you optimize the on-chain analytics on tracker.api3.org?

  • Display historical trends of proposal success and member engagement to identify patterns and opportunities.
  • Visualize token distribution and voting power among DAO members for better understanding of decision-making dynamics.
  • Integrate real-time notifications and alerts for proposal deadlines, voting periods, and results to keep participants informed via Telegram/Twitter/Discord bots and e-mails.

What is the impact on Governance Processes/Tools: Incorporate the ability to propose governance actions and vote via the Tracker website to enhance ease-of-use, transparency, and accountability by:

  • Providing easy access to proposal templates and best practices for drafting proposals.
  • Offering in-app proposal drafting and submission with clear guidelines.
  • Allowing integration with popular wallets for seamless voting and token management.

What unique features or approaches does your suggestion offer?

  • Gamification elements such as badges, achievements, and leaderboards to incentivize participation.
  • Personalized user dashboards with an overview of owned tokens, voting history, and proposal engagement.
  • Cross-chain integration with other DAOs and ecosystems to expand API3’s influence and foster collaboration.

The overall impact on Decentralized Governance: Our submission has the potential to significantly impact decentralized governance by:

  • Streamlining decision-making processes and encouraging participation through a user-friendly interface.
  • Enhancing transparency and accountability through data-driven insights and real-time updates.
  • Facilitating collaboration and growth of the API3 ecosystem by connecting with other DAOs and fostering community-driven initiatives.

How do you implement your idea: The implementation of our on-chain analytics tool can be achieved in the following practical and scalable steps:

  1. Collaborate with API3 developers and the community to gather feedback and refine the proposed features, culminating in a formal vote to allocate a budget to improve the Tracker by making it a one-stop governance dashboard and participation tool.
  2. Prioritize the most impactful features and create a development roadmap.
  3. Design and develop the enhanced DAO tracker iteratively, incorporating feedback and improvements along the way.
  4. Conduct thorough testing and user acceptance to ensure seamless integration with existing tools and processes.
  5. Launch the upgraded DAO tracker and continue refining it based on user feedback and ongoing developments in decentralized governance.
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