VCU Blockchain

VCU Blockchain would like to participate in the API3 governance and vote for changes to better the protocol. We consist of undergraduate and graduate students with a passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We currently have 167 members in our organization. This is our second semester running and have already accomplished a lot. Our primary goal is promoting blockchain education to our fellow students and community. We have partnered up with various organization to facilitate our goal such as Blockchain Education Network, Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, along with getting sponsored by Bitcoin Magazine. Moreover, we connected with BlockVenture Coalition to be part of the API3 community. We have ambitious goals for our future with more sponsorships in the pipeline, we are planning on hosting NFT workshops at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, throwing networking events and creating NFTs for our D1 Soccer and Basketball team. We are also in talks with our schools’ executives to add blockchain related courses to the curriculum.

When voting for changes VCU Blockchain focus on the 3 key principles for delegation:

  1. Decentralization : At the heart of a DAO is the decentralization of power. VCU Blockchain will ensure that this remains the case and promote changes that future increases decentralization while simultaneously having efficient way of making changes to the protocol.

  2. Transparency : Similarly, to promoting decentralization, we will ensure that all the changes and proposal will continue the transparency that is required to run an efficient and cost-effective DAO. We value transparency very much as having everyone in the same page with incentives aligned will make the most effective DAO.

  3. Longevity : It goes without saying longevity is one of most important things to focus on when it comes to a project, that’s why VCU Blockchain will insure that and vote on proposals that increase and focus on the longevity of the DOA rather than short term interests.

All in all, VCU Blockchain wishes to participate in the API3 governance and with our key principles for delegation and our passion for this industry. We believe that oracles are the key player in this ecosystem and will facilitate changes that align with the API3 community and ultimately enhance the protocol for the better!

Our Eth address: 0xf944C7DCa99c54ba166500f91D2e7766B4050ed3


Thanks for making this proposal. I’d suggest just as others have in prior delegation threads to state what sort of unique value add you aim to add to the API3 ecosystem, and on a related note, it’d be good for others to see some activity in the existing proposals across the governance meta and official proposals sections. Anyhow, it’s good that you’ve mentioned the key principles that you follow.

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BlockVenture is pleased to recommend Ashok and the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Blockchain Group. This team is extremely active in crypto advocacy initiatives and they are experts in NFTs and DeFi. With 160+ students in their organization, VCU Blockchain is actively working with Faculty to build a crypto curriculum on campus. They have also launched NFTs for their D1 soccer and basketball teams. Their work earned them a sponsorship from Bitcoin Magazine. We are confident that VCU Blockchain would make a positive impact in API3’s DAO governance.