Withdrawing of un-staked token with Metamask doesn't work

Hello API3 team,

I’ve been trying to withdraw my API3 token that have been un-staked for several weeks now, without any success.

I’ve un-staked and withdrawn tokens before, somehow there were always complications, however, I seem to be unable to resolve it this time.

After clicking ‘withdraw’, it prompts me to enter the amount and hit the withdraw button. I confirm the gas fees via Metamask. Yes, I have enough ETH in my wallet to cover the fees including possible slippage.

Next I get a notification on the APi3 site to view transaction in Etherscan. And that’s where it all ends.

Can someone please assist.


Hi @DavidP,

Once you initiate unstaking, there will be a 7-day wait period for it to be unstaked before you can withdraw your tokens. Additionally, any staking rewards are locked for 12 months. These numbers are governable through the API3 DAO.

You can check the current APR here: https://tracker.api3.org/

Please check out our video tutorial for more details: https://youtu.be/__zhi8N2erI?si=fm733K2xYvwjw3RC

Thank you for sharing the additional resources, however I’m familiar with the un-staking and withdrawing process, I’ve done it several times before. That’s not the problem.

My token are unstaken and withdraw period has passed. Either nothing happens when I try to withdraw or once I click withdraw and confirm, I keep getting error messages on my Metamask reading either

“Transaction error: Approval request with id ‘a6a550c0…more numbers’ not found” or

“Transaction error: replacement transaction underpriced”.

Another time I would get an error about gas prices etc, however, I have enough ETH in my account. I reinstalled my Metamask app and I imported the API3 token via the contract address into my Metamask wallet and still same issues, I can’t get the API3 to withdraw.

Also, after my post I got several responses by different people that a ticket has been opened (several different ticket numbers) for me to talk to live support and they asked me to manually perform something though their website to fix a node string error - scetch.

Maybe you can try via etherscan by calling withdrawRegular() https://etherscan.io/address/0x6dd655f10d4b9e242ae186d9050b68f725c76d76#writeContract (amount field must be in WEI)

Reference to contract address: Contracts | Documentation