[WPR] Marketing - Brian - Jan 29th

• Finalised API3 Price Beacons developer reference pack for EthDenver hackathon participants and for inclusion in the upcoming DevHub. (to be published 11 Feb.)
• Finalised definition of EthDenver hackathon challenges, wording, bounty allocations and legal T&Cs.
• Produced video to present EthDenver hackathon challenges to hackathon participants.
• Convened weekly Beacon marketing<>dev team alignment sessions.

  • Continued establishment of end-to-end delightful experience for hackathon participant devs.
    • Involvement with Community Workathon initiative.
    • Reviewed updated Beacon Github content and technical docs to identify references for inclusion in hackathon resource pack.
    • Community channel moderation - tg, API3 Discord, EthDenver Discord, API3 Discourse forum.