[WPR] Marketing - Tom - July 21st


  • Edited ChainAPI Workspaces announcement
  • Edited V8 Lending Content
  • Published ETHCC[5] Superguide – Aim was to work as promotion for API3 at the event, Bear Beers & Beats, and call attention to the API3 marketplace and dAPIs/service coverage. Highlighted potential partners in the speeches suggested, as well as used themes in the daily schedules that would be attractive to a newer developer to the space.
  • Polygon zkEVM – took advantage of the news hook to explain the tech, EVM compatibility and call out how it will work with API3 integration (waiting for docs to release to confirm 100% EVM compatibility).

Website design

  • Roadmapping and meeting with BD/Marketing
  • Competitor CTA and website flow analysis