[WPR] Marketing - Tom - October 17th

Oct. 11 - 15


  • Met with Ben + Harry and Samantha from Aragon. Gave them info to help with their blog post covering how API3 has used aragosOS for the DAO.
  • Made edits to the piece for accuracy and appeal.
  • Made edits to Marcus’ case study on Enormous DAO Tracker.
  • Cross linking will happen between these two pieces as Aragon was impressed by the tool.


  • Created a Marketing Linear.; moved current projects; Reviewed best practices and created How-To with links and a summary. Marketing will be meeting today to finalize the move from Monday.
  • Finalized method for user research (reviewed proposal feedback).
  • Met with Dave from iH5Qs. He’s go what he needs from us for the survey design. I am waiting to hear back from him on price and timeline (includes data analysis).
  • Direction for Podcast proof of concept delivered to Marcus

The Marketing Team Agenda this week:

Homework (due before the meeting):


  • Why Linear?
  • Organization is key for decentralized teams
  • Goal centering: we must all believe.
  • CO- operation - understanding the team: dynamics, what each of us is working on, and where we are going. Awareness, accountability, and alignment.
  • Ownership of tasks: WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHO, WHEN loop to become the expert.
  • How to use Linear: Review and align so that we are all providing useful info and reducing wasted effort.
  • Killing Monday.com: individuals responsible for closing and moving tasks to Linear; review of backlog - what is worth keeping?


  • Review API3 Pay Scale Guidelines prior to the meeting
  • Budget: Real talk on what we’re bringing to the table – deliverables, KPIs, salaries, etc.
  • Finalize proposal scope, who’s doing/writing what to complete this in time for voting.


  • How did the past week go? What were the goals, what got in the way, and what worked well?
  • Prioritize tasks for the next 2 weeks.