How to acquire API3 tokens

API3 is a DAO and governed by API3 token holders. If you would like to acquire API3 tokens to stake and participate in the DAO governance, there are different ways to accomplish this.

Primary Proposals

You can request API3 tokens through a Primary Proposal. The process of creating a proposal is outlined in the API3 docs and video tutorial series.

Before creating a proposal, you might want to discuss it through a Sentiment Check to get input by the DAO. After all, you would need to make a compelling case and convince the DAO that your proposal includes services that are beneficial enough to the DAO that it is worth transferring the tokens.

Community Initiatives

By participating in Community Initiatives, you get a chance to receive API3 token rewards. Generally, everyone who is a member of the API3 Discord and Discourse is able to participate in community contests. For more information, please check out the Community Resources category.

Community Tasks

We have a dedicated channel on the API3 Discord that lists available tasks to be completed by the community. Depending on the quality of submissions, contributions might be rewarded with API3 tokens.


It is important to always do your own research when acquiring API3 tokens from an exchange. If you find an exchange on CoinGecko, Coinbuddy, or CoinMarketCap, and wonder whether or not the exchange is legitimate, you can reach out to us via the forum, Discord and Telegram and we will confirm or deny its validity to help ensure DAO member safety.

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Regarding Primary Proposals it’s probably worth mentioning that they require 50% of the voting power to pass, which is a high bar, and that to create the proposal to begin with requires one has at least 0.1% of total staked tokens in the pool.

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