How to contribute and participate in the API3 DAO Community

API3 is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and absent of a central authority that owns or controls the project. Instead, the DAO is governed by API3 token holders and supported by the API3 community, which is open for everyone to join.

As the DAO benefits from the contributions and ideas of people, we encourage our community members to be proactive. Everyone is able to contribute, and there are many different ways to do so. For more information about this topic, please read Join the API3 DAO Community.

How to participate in the API3 governance

  • Voting

  • Delegating

    • If you wish to gain more voting power, you could introduce yourself in the Delegation Pitch and explain why DAO members should delegate their votes to you.
    • In case you are not going to vote yourself for whatever reason but still want your voting power to be used, you could delegate your votes to DAO members that represent your interests.
  • Proposals

    • If you would like to work on your own project for the DAO and need funds to finance the effort, you can create a proposal.
    • You might want to share your idea to get some feedback from the DAO in the Governance Meta category first by using the Sentiment Check template.
    • You need at least 0.1% of the total vote representation to put a proposal on chain. If you don’t meet this requirement, you could ask a DAO member to do it for you or ask for delegations to increase your voting power.

How to contribute as a community member

  • Provide input

    • Share your ideas, suggestions and thoughts in the Ideas category.
    • Review and discuss sentiment checks in the Governance Meta category to help shape proposals before they are put on chain for vote
    • Vote on ideas in the forum
  • Be active on our channels

  • Create content about API3

    • Write articles and share them with the world
    • Create videos that educate about API3
  • Build with API3

    • Use API3 technology to build and share your work with the community
    • Participate in API3 hackathons
  • Support the adoption of API3 tech

    • Discover Web3 projects that could use first-party oracles and share them with the DAO
    • Inform and educate developers about API3 and welcome them to join our community
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As @bbenligiray mentioned in the June 2022 Core Technical Team report, Airnode development is now tracked publicly. Working on a task from the Backlog therefore represents a new way to contribute for those with a technical background.