API3 China Community

Dear API3 team,

I am writing to request compensation for the China operation team’s ongoing operational activities during the team proposal request phase (May to July,2022).

As you are aware, the China operation team plays a vital role in the success of API3 by providing a range of services as we agreed in the past. Specifically, the China team is responsible for increasing API3 influence in China by translating technical documentation for API3 (Gitbook), translating and publishing articles related to the project and technical progress of API3, translating and publishing API3-related promotional videos, operating the API3 Chinese community social accounts, and providing daily support for the API3 Chinese community. And the proposed payment for Chinese team is 8905.48USD in total according to our pay scales, workload statistics are attached.

During this period, the China operation team has invested a lot of human and financial resources to support the development of API3 in China, but so far we has not been paid accordingly. Given the importance of these activities to the Chinese operation community and the overall success of API3, I respectfully request that the China operation team be compensated for their ongoing efforts during the team proposal request phase. The Chinese team has continued to provide these essential services to the Chinese community and deserve to receive this compensation, which will also help ensure the continued growth and development of API3.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to discussing this proposal with you further.

To provide context, during 2021 and the beginning of 2022 the marketing team included non-English region & language teams such as China, Latin America, Korea & Vietnam. It was decided that these teams should split off and stand on their own. I discussed this with the China team in March, 2022 so that they would submit their own proposal if they wanted to continue receiving a grant for May and beyond.

  • March 17 - Notified the China team that they would not be included in the May-July marketing team proposal and would need to submit their own proposal.
  • April 25 - The China team proposal was posted on the forum for sentiment check.
  • June 17 - The China team proposal was submitted on the DAO as an official proposal.
  • June 24 - The China team proposal expired with 7.123% voting for it which is less than the 15% needed to pass.
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