[Secondary Proposal 33] ChainAPI, July 2022 - March 2023

Proposal: Access Control and Monetization

Amount: 722,050 USDC

Token allocation to contributors: 125,000 API3 (to be vested over 3 years with a 6 month cliff)

Timeline: 9 months

Destination: 0x7F203F531E773340b720F5FF19B9ECBE5F31Cd3F

The destination is a 2-of-3 multi-sig wallet managed by Andre, Burak and Heikki


Following a closed-beta period, the team launched chainapi.com with the following features

  • API Provider sign-up and account management
  • API Integration: configuration and management
  • Generation of files required for deploying an Airnode

The team is currently developing Workspaces, where API Providers can create a team, invite members, and assign roles to provide different access rights. This is expected to be delivered a few weeks following the launch.

This proposal primarily seeks to improve the value proposition of ChainAPI to API Providers.

API Providers will be able to monetize and control access to their APIs through a marketplace on ChainAPI. Only Developers who have purchased access, or those otherwise authorised, will be able to call the provider’s Airnode.

The API Provider will retain the ability to manage access in order to counter any misuse.

The marketplace will contain a listing of the API Provider’s integrations. This will enable Developer discovery and provide a method for Developers to validate their access rights.



  • API Provider listing
  • Sales management and dashboard
  • Payment provider integration
  • Airnode access control
  • Access rights validation


  • Developer sign-up and account management
  • Additional API Provider workspace roles

In addition, the team will spend effort on the operational requirements of chainapi.com.


It is estimated that the project will take 9 months effort to deliver, from the date of approval of this proposal.

Budget (USDC)

Category Amount
Grants 448,650
Contractors 248,400
Expenses 25,000
Proposal Total 722,050


Team Member Allocation Amount (USDC)
Ryan - Product Owner F/T 8,400/month
Richard - Technical Manager F/T 8,750/month
Joshua - Developer F/T 8,000/month
Prenaam - QA F/T 4,000/month
Damla - Developer F/T 3,200/month
Developer* F/T 8,750/month
Jon - General Counsel F/T 8,750/month
Total 49,850/month
  • This position has been budgeted for but is currently vacant

Andre, Burak and Heikki will be performing a supervisory role and are therefore not included in this budget. Any unspent amounts will be carried over to a future project.

Furthermore, we are requesting an allocation of 125,000 API3 tokens be made available for ChainAPI to use for staff incentives.


We will work with Vacuumlabs, who will provide up to two developers, and Entrecasa Studio, for design services.

Contractor Amount
Vacuumlabs 216,000
Entrecasa Studio* 32,400
Total 248,400
  • Vaccumlabs and Entrecasa bill at an hourly rate, this provision is based on historic billing


This is a large undertaking and it is highly likely that we will uncover further essential functionality that will be required in order to deliver the project successfully. To mitigate this, the team will deliver the work incrementally in logical phases. It will be raised as early as possible should it become obvious that the original timeline will be exceeded.


Typically we put these in #governance-meta first until they’re submitted on the DAO for vote. Are you submitting this one soon or just looking for feedback?

Sorry first time posting a proposal on the forums. Happy to move it to #governance-meta if that would be a better place.

We are looking to submit this soon

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The proposal has been submitted for voting: https://api3.eth.link/#/governance/secondary-33