[Secondary Proposal 42] Vacuumlabs Team Proposal, November 2022-January 2023

Quick intro: Vacuumlabs is a company that the development teams have been working with across many API3 products for a long time and will continue doing so in the foreseeable future. The core technical team will be spinning off to multiple proposals (for example byog is one of them) and Vacuumlabs will also start making their individual proposals. The budget of this proposal picks up from the previous cycle, and I’m being consulted about the team composition and what projects they are allocated to so I support the proposal and will submit it on their behalf. The hot wallet owners were okay with it too.

To clarify, Vacuumlabs will no longer be paid in USDC after this proposal.

Vacuumlabs Team Proposal

Period: 1 November 2022–31 January 2023 (3 months)

Proposal: Vacuumlabs dedicated team API3 development contribution

Amount: 0 USDC

Token allocation to contributors: We request up to 180,000 API3 tokens from the hot wallet to incentivize the API3-dedicated team from Vacuumlabs at Ethereum address 0x20AB51856126cF0F8A3e4013877BED63E39c1BFC.

Proposal parameters

Creator: bbenligiray.eth

Target Contract Address: 0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48 (USDC) Target Function Signature: transfer(address,uint256)

Parameters: [ “0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48”, “0” ]

The function call above does nothing in practice (transfers 0 USDC to the USDC token contract). This proposal is solely to allow the DAO to signal intent about the verbal components of this proposal.


A dedicated Vacuumlabs team started to contribute to API3 ecosystem codebases (mainly Airnode, ChainAPI and API3 DAO Dashboard) back in May 2021. Since then, the team has delivered a great amount of work and became a crucial part of API3 ecosystem product delivery efforts. The team would like to continue contributing to the API3 open-source codebase in cooperation with the API3 core technical team (anticipated to be substantially similar to the most recent contributing team here) and other technical ecosystem contributors, such as ChainAPI, Inc., and requests the above grant of API3 tokens to further strengthen aligned incentives and participate in API3 governance in lieu of a USDC grant for this period.


  • Contribute to the Airnode codebase according to the roadmap defined by the core technical team and agreed by API3 DAO.
  • Contribute to the ChainAPI codebase according to the roadmap defined by the ChainAPI, Inc. team and as agreed by API3 DAO in this proposal.
  • Contribute to the Omnimarket codebase according to the roadmap defined by the core technical team and agreed by API3 DAO.
  • Contribute to the API3 DAO Dashboard codebase according to the roadmap defined by the core technical team and agreed by API3 DAO.
  • Support development of any additional products reasonably requested by the core technical team.


Development grant Up to 180,000 API3 tokens


Name Role Basis
Adam Teöke Project Manager 90% FTE
Bogdan Iasinovschi Senior Developer FT
Emanuel Tesař Senior Developer FT
Martin Kolenič Tester 30% FTE
Michal Kimle Senior Developer FT
Patrik Šimurka Developer FT
Michal Karol Developer FT
Peter Jurčo Developer FT

In the case of unexpected short or long time unavailability of any above team member in the proposed term, the team is committed to compensate for and credit this outage accordingly in a future proposal.


Most of the team’s work is kept in public repositories (including those for the API3 ecosystem located at API3 · GitHub) and can be reviewed in real time. As well as the team’s work is being reviewed regularly by the core API3 technical team.


Vacuumlabs is not responsible for any damages caused to API3 resulting from team member contributions to the API3 codebases.


The hot wallet executed this proposal here and Vacuumlabs have fulfilled their obligations by contributing to development across multiple teams (CTT, dAPIs and ChainAPI)

As a note, this proposal is not executable at the moment because the USDC contract blacklists itself as the destination address. It doesn’t matter if this blacklist is ever removed because the transfer is for 0 USDC anyway. For future reference, I think it’s not a good practice to create unexecutable proposals intentionally.

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