[Secondary Proposal 7] dAPI Undertaking #1

API3 dAPI Team Proposal (Undertaking #1)

Team: dAPI

Period: 7 August 2021–31 October 2021 (~3 months)

Amount: $46,250

Destination: TBD multisig, with me (Sasa) as one of the signers


  • dAPIs will initially be built on Ethereum using Solidity with the Airnode beta protocol
  • For this initial undertaking, we will be building a general framework for creating/deploying/managing dAPIs, as well as deploying our first data feed in alignment with the BD team.
    • In other words: the main deliverable at the end of this undertaking will be at least one data feed deployed on mainnet (if auditor timeline permits), otherwise on test net.
    • As a consequence, the other deliverable will be an audit-ready smart contract framework for creating, deploying, and maintaining dAPIs.


  1. Create necessary contracts for dAPI deployment.

    • Examples:
      • AirnodeClient.sol
      • dAPI abstract contract
      • aggregation contract with several aggregation methods
      • E.g. median, hybrid-mean, mode
      • Authorization contract (to control who can/can’t modify dAPIs once deployed)
  2. Write deployment script.

  3. Deploy at least one dAPI on mainnet (if auditor timeline permits), otherwise on testnet.

    • Monitor data feeds for >1 week to check for things like: response time, variance of responses (i.e. how well does the given aggregation method work?)
  4. Get everything in an audit-able state. Reach out to auditors.

    • Note: Funds for auditing will be requested via an additional proposal when the time comes.


I.e. things that could reasonably be goals, but are explicitly chosen not to be goals

  • data feed monitoring (i.e. dashboard-like thing)
  • pub-sub data feeds
  • dAPI pricing strategy
  • dAPI insurance model

Note: these things will be covered by later undertakings by this team in alignment with the dAPI monolith.


  • Audit-ready smart contracts for creating, deploying, and maintaining dAPIs.
  • At least one dAPI on mainnet (if auditor timeline permits), otherwise on testnet

Note: Weekly updates will be made on this forum, in a dedicated thread.

Rough but more detailed timeline on deliverables: dAPI Undertaking #1 work plan & deliverables - Google Docs

Requested Funds

  • one FT expert developer (Sasa)
  • one FT intermediate developer (Hitesh)
  • gas costs for testing on mainnet

Total = (3 x $8750/month) + (3 x $5000/month) + $5000 = $46,250


Really excited about this!

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Happy to work with you on this as discussed Sasa - lots of interest from projects I’ve spoken to

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I really love the amount of transparency in our team!

Though it is a non-goal, a consice representation for growth measurement will be appreciated by many.


Pleased to be working with Sasa already and really excited to be a part of this endeavor!!


Good point. I also wanted to mention the same but reserved this to not give them too much pressure. Generally, across all products, some kind of dashboards will be really helpful to monitor progress.


Growth measurement? Do you mean tracking deliverables in some way? I did mention that I will be posting weekly updates on a dedicated thread in the forum. At least for this initial “undertaking” – something more formal might be necessary in the future.


A monthly report like the core technical reports would be good.

I think that monthly compact reports fit better than weekly ones. If all teams do weekly reports we will be overwhelmed with information. Especially when the number of teams grows.

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Yes, a monthly report + weekly informal updates on the forum is what’s planned.


Is there any reason why this has not been pushed as an official proposal yet? There seems to have been unanimous positive feedback about it so far and it’s been nearly a week since the last bit of input has come in.

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Yea, will be pushed as official proposal today. Wanted to wait a week for feedback.


proposal: https://api3.eth.link/#/governance/secondary-7


You should prob move this to the official proposals category

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Moved into official proposals.

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Proposal passed: https://api3.eth.link/#/history/secondary-7. Voting history can be seen on the enormous cloud voting page (votes currently visible on desktop only): API3 DAO Secondary Proposal Voting History.

can we get an update?


Yea, sorry about that. We pivoted the initial dAPI from price feeds to a different vertical. It was advised by the BD team to keep it under wraps for competitive reasons.


That also works but there should be plans to increase headcount to work on dAPI price feeds simultaneously. Though one could argue it maybe a saturated market, it has the largest audience.

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yea, i agree

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Where can I find the dedicated thread with the weekly updates? Is the work finished as the mentioned period ended Oct 31?

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